A Culinary Quest for Excellence

Slug: Food and Beverage Festival

Food Truck Court in Front of VA Historical Society

A Culinary Quest for Excellence

Througout the month of April, the VA Historical Society will host an array of food truck vendors to promote local vendors in the Richmond area.

By: Michael Schuster

The Virginia Historical Society of Richmond announced that they will host the first ever food truck court in front of the museum throughout the month of April, culminating a rich blend of traditional and multicultural cuisine for local residents in a unique culinary atmosphere.

             An unprecedented event of its kind here in the Richmond area, the food truck court will offer 10 individually operated vendors serving an array of both fine and casual dining options in the Museum District. Everything from clams and fried calamari to banana splits and funnel cakes will be served during the month long operation, combining a diverse multitude of food choices that anyone can enjoy as the spring months continue to roll in.

            “It’s such a great idea considering how great the weather has been lately! I think that the outdoor food court will encourage students and residents to experience a different eating experience and also be a good addition to people who are attending the museum. Their trying to mix that sort of Richmond local flavor with other cultural delicacies in a festive setting,” said local Fan District resident, Alexis Parker.

            In addition, history museum officials hope that this new food attraction will help to promote a higher number of visitors to the award winning museum. With an abundance of historic exhibits, films, and other interactive activities, the museum is aiming to use the food truck court as a source of marketing. However, many Richmonders have expressed enthusiasm over the prospect of enjoying authentic local and foreign dishes while engaging in an incredible educational experience.

            “My family and I just heard about this new food court and were planning on going to eat and check out the museum this weekend. It’s convenient, affordable, and definitely a great experience for our young kids. I just can’t wait to try some of these dishes I’ve been hearing about,” said Carol Farmer of Richmond.

            With food service vendor’s like Boka Truck serving an Asian-American-Mexican infusion of twisted tacos, to Dressed & Pressed serving gourmet salads, paninis, and other chef inspired delicacies, to Mister Softee’s Ice Cream that offers premium ice cream cones and sundaes, there is no wonder why local residents are intrigued and excited by the new outdoor food court.

            “I just can’t wait to get this thing started and help satisfy customers in the community. When I was approached about the idea of participating in the event, I knew it would be a great way to spread the word about my business and be a part of something uniquely special to the city,” said Executive Chef of Boka Truck, Patrick Harris.

            As the month long event kicks off on April 1st, there will undoubtedly be a sense of intrigue about the concept of the food truck court. “I’ve never heard of anything like this, in Richmond or anywhere else. It’s a really cool idea that I think is going to bring the community together,” said VCU student, Chris Hendricks.

            The event will run from noon to 6 p.m. throughout the month of April and will be held at 548 N. Boulevard St. in front of the Virginia Historical Society. Patrons are encouraged to make use of the picnic tables around the venue and also to participate in museum activities.

Reporter: Michael Schuster

Alexis Parker: parkerac@vcu.edu, 757-289-4251

Patrick Harris: Ptharris101@gmail.com, 804-375-8543

Chris Hendricks: Hendricksct154@yahoo.com images for food truck story[1]



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