Gregory Wise: The Road to Success

For second-year Journalism major, Gregory Wise, writing and reporting news is something that has always been a natural gift and a convenient outlet.

“Ever since I could remember, the news has always played an important role in my life. I was immediately drawn to the whole process of dissecting news and being informed about important current events from a young age. From then on, I knew that I wanted to be a journalist,” Wise said.

Growing up in Alexandria, VA, a suburb of Washington D.C., Wise was instantaneously engulfed in the constant flood of news and media coverage based around our nation’s capital.  He attended local Mount Vernon High School, where he was widely known for his goal scoring abilities on the soccer field and less recognized for his journalistic goals. However, that realization would change on one spring afternoon, after the then 15 year old Wise suffered a season-ending knee injury that kept him off the field.

Instead of hanging his head, Wise decided to use his passion for sports as a motivator to start covering the local high school soccer games. He began writing for the sports section for his school publication, Em Vee Hi, and quickly became one of the best contributing writer’s on the staff. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a job for a Northern VA high school sports website called “Digital Sports”, where he would write feature stories and game summaries for local high school sporting events.

“He [Wise] always maintained a professional attitude when covering the sports section. His love for sports is so evident, but his character is often overshadowed. Outgoing, passionate, and good-hearted are the adjectives that come to mind when I think of him,” said his former high school editor-in-chief, Alex Reyes.

Looking forward, Wise is hopeful that he can use his undying love for sports as a basis to fuel a career in sports writing. He possesses an innate ability to remain unbiased in his analysis and coverage of a wide range of sporting events, yet also maintains the professionalism and sincerity that is necessary to become a great journalist. Although, he’s still very young and continues to develop as a writer and a reporter, it’s very obvious that he has the drive and commitment to bettering himself and those around him.

“Whenever you’re in need of advice on how to improve a story, he [Wise] has always been there to lend support and provide positive feedback. He has great patience and kindness and has helped me a lot to become a better writer and peer-editor,” said friend and English major, Chris Williams.

No matter what path Wise decides to take in relation to potential career choices, it goes a long way to see how valuable his presence has been in improving the lives’ of others around him. He will continue to make strides to pursue his journalistic endeavors using the character traits that he’s so widely respected for. For Wise, the future is bright and the sky is truly the limit.


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