Reporting for the Web

Multimedia Story: Damaging Pollution and Trash Litter Belle Isle’s Beauty 

My multimedia story desribes the environmental effects of trash and debris that is left by patrons along the James River and what is being done to combat such behavior and clean up the area.

Event Story: A Culinary Quest for Excellence

My event story follows the food truck court that was held in front of the Virginia Historical Society during the month of April and how small businesses in the area used to court to promote their products.

Beat Story: A Divided Voice

The beat story that I covered involved the controverial ultrasound bill that was passed by Gov. McDonnell that would require all women in Virginia to undergo an ultrasound before proceeding with an abortion procedure. Protestors outside the capitol building were arrested after days of angry defiance against the the bill.

Breaking News Story: To be or Newt to Be

My breaking news story details hopeful GOP candidate, Newt Gingrich, in his efforts to win the primary. Furthermore, the piece shows how the VCU community, both students and teachers alike, feel about Gingrich’s ideas, political philosophy, and overall ability to lead the nation.

Profile Story: Gregory Wise: The Road to Success

This profile story covers fellow classmate and Journalism major Gregory Wise and details what made him want to explore journalism as a career field, his previous accomplishments, and his future goals as a writer.

Audio Slideshow: VCU Expansion and the Effect on Local Businesses

The audio slideshow that I put together takes a look at how VCU expansion has affected locally owned businesses around campus, and whether the completion of the construction will positively or negatively impact the further economic success of those particular businesses. The audio shows the perspective of the head manager of Sahara Hookah Bar  & Restaurant and what he thinks about the expansion in regards to the future of the business.

Audio Report: Non-Profit Organization Promotes Refugee Resettlement in the U.S.


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